byakko means "White Tiger" in English.

byakko written with katakana is ビャッコ.
byakko written with hiragana is びゃっこ.
byakko written with kanji is 白虎.
Romaji bya kko
Hiragana びゃ
Katakana ビャ
Meaning White Tiger

Orthography Notes

  • びゃ is a compound kana representing a single syllable with multiple characters.
  • っこ contains a small tsu っ which makes the consonant of the syllable longer.


howaito taigaa ホワイトタイガー.

Related Words

hakuchou 白鳥, shiro-gitsune 白狐, shiroari 白蟻, shirohato 白鳩, shiroitachi 白鼬, shiro-iruka 白海豚.