howaito taigaa


howaito taigaa means "White Tiger" in English.
It's a katakanization, a loan-word.

howaito taigaa in katakana is ホワイトタイガー.
howaito taigaa is not usually written with hiragana.
howaito taigaa does not have kanji.
Romaji ho wa i to ta i gaa
Meaning White Tiger

Orthography Notes

  • ガー contains a long dash called the prolonged sound mark which makes the vowel of the syllable longer. Because of this, this word may also be romanized as howaitotaigā.


byakko 白虎.

Related Words

shiro-gitsune 白狐, shiroari 白蟻, shirohato 白鳩, shiro-iruka 白海豚.