jeriifisshu means "Jellyfish" in English.
It's a katakanization, a loan-word.

jeriifisshu in katakana is ジェリーフィッシュ.
jeriifisshu is not usually written with hiragana.
jeriifisshu does not have kanji.
Romaji je rii fi sshu
Katakana ジェ フィ シュ
Meaning Jelly Fish

Orthography Notes

  • ジェ, フィ and シュ are compound kana representing a single syllable with multiple characters.
  • ッシュ contains a small tsu ッ which makes the consonant of the syllable longer.
  • リー contains a long dash called the prolonged sound mark which makes the vowel of the syllable longer. Because of this, this word may also be romanized as jerīfisshu.
Wikipedia: クラゲ


kurage 海月.