morumotto means "Guinea Pig" in English.
It's a katakanization, a loan-word.
It comes from "Marmot," from Dutch.
Sometimes morumotto doesn't mean the animal, see homonyms.

morumotto in katakana is モルモット.
morumotto is not usually written with hiragana.
morumotto does not have kanji.
Romaji mo ru mo tto

Orthography Notes

  • ット contains a small tsu ッ which makes the consonant of the syllable longer.

Homonyms & Similar Words

  • The Japanese word for what's called a "guinea pig" in English comes from the word "marmot" in Dutch. The Japanese word for what's called a "marmot" in English is maamotto マーモット.
Wikipedia: モルモット


tenjiku-nezumi 天竺鼠.