rakko means "Sea Otter" in English.

rakko is normally written with katakana, as ラッコ.
rakko written with hiragana is らっこ.
rakko written with kanji is 海獺.
Romaji ra kko
Meaning Sea Otter

rakko may also be written as 猟虎, 海猟 or 獺虎.

Orthography Notes

  • っこ contains a small tsu っ which makes the consonant of the syllable longer.
  • rakko is a jukujikun, meaning the word isn't formed from the individual kanji's readings, and is instead a reading for the specific combination of kanji 海獺.

Homonyms & Similar Words

Wikipedia: 猟虎

Related Words

ashika 海驢, azarashi 海豹, iruka 海豚, kaihyou 海豹, kaizou 海象, kawauso 川獺, seiuchi 海象, umioso 海獺, umiuso 海獺, umiwani 海鰐, uni 海胆.