ressaa panda


ressaa panda means "Lesser Panda" in English.
It's a katakanization, a loan-word.

ressaa panda in katakana is レッサーパンダ.
ressaa panda is not usually written with hiragana.
ressaa panda does not have kanji.
Romaji re ssaa pa n da
Meaning Lesser Panda

Orthography Notes

  • ッサ contains a small tsu ッ which makes the consonant of the syllable longer.
  • ッサー contains a long dash called the prolonged sound mark which makes the vowel of the syllable longer. Because of this, this word may also be romanized as ressāpanda.


akapanda 赤パンダ, shoukumaneko 小熊猫.

Related Words

jaianto panda ジャイアントパンダ.