uni means "Sea Urchin" in English.

uni is normally written with katakana, as ウニ.
uni written with hiragana is うに.
uni written with kanji is 海胆.
Romaji u ni
Kanji 海胆
Meaning Sea Liver

uni may also be written as 海栗.

Orthography Notes

  • uni is a jukujikun, meaning the word isn't formed from the individual kanji's readings, and is instead a reading for the specific combination of kanji 海胆.

Homonyms & Similar Words

  • uni 雲丹, written with those kanji, refers to urchin used as an ingredient.
Wikipedia: 雲丹

Related Words

ashika 海驢, azarashi 海豹, iruka 海豚, kaihyou 海豹, kaizou 海象, rakko 海獺, seiuchi 海象, umioso 海獺, umiuso 海獺, umiwani 海鰐.